Why should I buy oleo Ontur?

Its harvest and production process receives a more familiar and traditional treatment because it comes from small, family-owned plantations.

It belongs to a region where most of the population is dedicated to the cultivation of olives.

The municipality of Ontur has an ancient olive tree culture. Our oil has been used for food, for body care and to cure injuries and illnesses.

It is part of the group of high quality oils. Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil meet the required standards.

Our oils are distinguished by their low acidity, marked personality, body and intense, long-lasting flavour.

Organic agriculture provides us with a natural and healthy oil, with no sulphates in its cultivation process, and that cares for our health and the ecological balance of the place where it is carried out.

As a natural product, it maintains the aroma and flavour of the fruit, which are distinctive qualities of each type of olive and the area where they come from.

The packaging in opaque glass bottles avoids photo-oxidation, keeping its natural characteristics in perfect conditions. To maximize stability of the oil the most suitable materials are those that prevent air and light from penetrating.