oleo Ontur

oleo Ontur is the result of combining Tradition, Modernity and Quality to produce a natural treasure.

Our history dates back to the twentieth century, during the 1940s, when the cultivation of olive trees and the production in our own mill start to yield the first results. The area’s favourable conditions, alongside the olive growing culture of the surroundings and the good production skills of the family over the years resulted in an excellent product.

In the late 90s, almost fifty years later we, the Ballestero family, relying on our experience and tradition, decided to undertake the challenge of commercialising our products in our region. The continuous improvement of the oil’s quality contributes to a gradual increase in sales, which allows us to expand our agricultural land. The oil produced from these olive trees, Oleo Ontur, is named as a tribute to the village where we started our journey and it has always been very appreciated locally for its outstanding quality.

As of now, our challenge is to move one step forward, expanding our field of action from local to national and international, improving our logistics and brand image without losing our traditions, our identity and the quality that has made us what we are.

We are aware that quality begins in the countryside: all our cropland cares extremely for the smallest details, always with the exclusive aim of obtaining a premium class oil. Maintaining our traditional production techniques, we have incorporated modern techniques that improve performance without compromising the final quality. Said techniques are drip irrigation in all our cultivation area and mechanical harvesting techniques.

oleo Ontur has 50 hectares of olive trees, 25 ha. of Cornicabra, 15 ha. of Picual, 8 ha. of Manzanilla de Cuquillo and 2 ha. of Blanqueta. These olive trees yield an annual production of approximately 150,000 kg. of olives. A few years ago, Oleo Ontur decided to support ecological cultivation, knowing that this did not mean going back to ancient techniques, but supporting traditional methods alongside modern technical knowledge, and at the same time considering that respecting the environment and our own health are the most important. We do not use synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms as fertilizer nor to fight plagues, achieving organic products, preserving the land’s fertility and respecting the environment.

Today, 42 out of our 50 hectares are dedicated to ecological cultivation, which results in the highest quality, organic, 100% natural oil.